Monday, March 31, 2008

Economic Stimulus Payment Calculator

Economic Stimulus Payment Calculator

Before You Start
Have your 2007 Form 1040, Form 1040EZ, or Form 1040A available. You will be entering information from one of these forms.
The result from this tool is just an estimate.
Allow approximately 5-10 minutes to complete this tool.
Please answer all questions on each page.

To determine whether you qualify for a stimulus payment:

Click HERE

Changing Back

For those of you who noticed that my kid's names have reverted back to LittleMan & Princess, No, you are not imagining things. I had shared their names on my blog.

When Hubby found out,

He. Freaked. The. Hell. Out.

And the more I listened to his reasoning, the more freaked out I got. I trust my new blogging buddies, but what about all the strangers who have accidentally ended up at my blog while searching at Google.

So, back to the original idea. =)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Fun

Wow, it's been HOT here today! 85 degrees!!
There is a carnival in town, but since it was s.o.h.o.t -I decided to just have some fun at home.
LittleMan flying his new kite
Princess riding her new scooter
LittleMan also got a new Pitching Trainer [similar to the one below],
but I haven't put it together yet

Friday, March 28, 2008

My Weekend Plans Revealed

The Best News

Well I've had some quite hard times with Baby Boy {the now 5 month old baby that I babysit.} [He's a really fussy baby, which you can read about here and here.]

I've been keeping him since the beginning of the year, and there are days when I want to pull my hair out!

Last week, LittleMan was on Spring Break and I had to keep Baby Boy too. So that meant me with 3 kids. All Day.

I. Almost. Ran. Away. From. Home.

Not really, but OMG!

It was the worst week of my life. And that is saying a whole lot considering the week I had in August 2005.

So I told Baby Boy's Dad that once LittleMan's school let out for summer, that I wouldn't be able to keep Baby Boy anymore. I didn't want to make anyone mad or anything, but I didn't want to spend the entire Summer in a pissy mood either.

Baby Boy has been on the waiting list at the daycare where his Big Bro attends. They have been waiting for a child to begin walking, to make a spot available for Baby Boy.

So I gave them 2 months notice, and hoped to the Big Man Above that the child walked ASAP.

Then it came. Yesterday, A was picking Baby Boy up and told me the news.

Not next week, but the week after, Baby Boy will begin at that daycare.


Now I love the little booger, but for the Love of Sanity, enough was enough!

So after next week, I will be unemployed again. But I will still be happier than a coondog on a bare leg, lol.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Faves from this week

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Our Easter Weekend

I know I've been lacking in the posting department this week. My SIL D and her 2 girls have been visiting from Louisiana. They left for home this morning. And I've been keeping Baby Boy as usual. My apologies though. =)

Here's some pics from our Easter Weekend!:

(Yes, he's wrapped up in a pink blanket, lol)

I only added this one because of how much Princess is starting to look like me!

Why are Men so Disgusting?

My house was pretty darn clean yesterday evening. I had cleaned all day.
So why, in the first hours of being up this morning, did I find the following:

1. Several BIG toenail clippings in the living room floor.

2. A sink full of water, facial hair and shaving cream. (Yes, the water was still there too.)

3. Dirt Boot tracks across my carpet.

4. A plate with pizza crusts and an empty beer can on the coffee table.


5. A pair of underwear on my front porch!


Friday, March 21, 2008

Faves from this week

Here are some posts from the past week, that I found interesting.

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Gettin Ready for Easter

With SIL J [who lives in FL], SIL B, and 2 neices B&B [who all live in LA] coming to visit for the Easter Holiday, I decided that me & the kids go ahead and have our Easter Fun today. That leaves the rest of the weekend for visiting.

So, here's some pics of our activities so far today:

(LittleMan already looks like an unhappy-cellphone carrying-teenager here, lol)

{Our cake: it has colorful sprinkles on the inside & out}

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh . My . Shoe

After the long post about organizing Princess' room I wrote over at I Wanna Be That Mom! I found out today while cleaning that Princess has lost 3 shoes over the past 2 weeks.

One shoe is a house shoe, not a big deal.

One shoe was one of a pair that is too small and was about to be passed to SIL B. Again, not such a big deal.

The other shoe? you ask. Is from a pair that I just bought. 2. weeks. ago.

We've had this problem before with shoe(s) mysteriously disappearing. Where are these shoes going? Are they on a mission to find the socks that always seem to come up missing in the dryer?

You know the ones. You distinctively remember taking them out of the washer and putting them in the dryer. Yet when the dryer kicks off and you unload it, there is one sock MIA.

I have looked in every nook & cranny for this one shoe. I have found lots of toys that's been missing, tons of socks, pennies, food wrappers, crayons. But No Shoe.

*Wiping the sweat from my brow*

With my luck, it will probably find it's way home after she outgrows that size.

DixieChick Totally Rocks!

DixieChick just called me over to award me with this award:

It just might help my inner sass come back alive!!!

and I would like to pass it along to Random mommy, who is a fellow sassy Alabamian. And to Catwoman, the sassy chick from Texas. Both of which, I love to read!

DixieChick also gave me this:

So for you DixieChick I have this:

and this:

A Bad Dream

Last night, I was dreaming of being back in high school.

I was at dance practice (even though my school didn't offer dance in real life) when all of a sudden some guy grabbed me by the throat. Not like both hands around my throat, but with 2 fingers and was pinching my esophagus.

The pain was so extreme, I woke up literally crying.

I found I was laying on my pillow funny and it caused my throat to actually hurt so bad, it made it's way into my dream.

So weird.

Spring has Sprung

or has it?

It is currently 46 degrees here

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

T-Ball Tuesday

LittleMan has been bestowed with the position of Pitcher on his T-Ball team. He is thrilled. And I am thrilled for him. It is the most coveted position of them all.

Now, they don't actually pitch during T-Ball, but they need someone there to catch the ball. LittleMan's pretty darn good at catching, and he's getting better at every practice.

His throwing, however, needs work. He can throw f-a-s-t but it doesn't always go where he wants it to. His coach is trying to teach him to take more time to get it to the base, instead of rushing and throwing a wild ball.

He is one of 2 of his team that can hit the ball to the fence. Not fly balls, ground balls, but they are moving so fast, they almost always make it to the outfield before anyone can even touch it.

And, running the bases, there's no competition. He is the fastest runner on the team. And 95% of the time, he remembers to touch all the bases. =)

Baseball seems to be his sport. Now, Bring on them Pro Scouts!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Introducing ...

Miss Photogenic:

and she won 3rd Runner Up!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What my Mom taught me.

[Some of this could possibly be a little altered from the actuality of it, but I was six, so it's hard to remember. It's pretty darn close though.]

November 6, 1986 - When I was six years old and just started Kindergarten, my Mom had a terrible car wreck. She was in a brand new Chevy Cavalier, that she hadn't even made the first payment on, and her tie rod snapped. She flipped down a hill eleven times; coming half-way out of the sun roof somewhere around the seventh flip, as the car flipped over on top of her, breaking her back.

They say she died on the scene twice and was brought back by a wonderful lady. Overall she broke: her back, both kneecaps, her leg, her hip, her arm, her nose and she had a chunk of skull broke loose at the top of her forehead. [The chuck of skull part we didn't find out about until I was around 14, more about that later.] [We also found out sometime later, that it altered her mental state, blinded her in one eye, and she couldn't smell anymore]

My Mom taught me .. Shit happens.

They airlifted her to Memphis TN. She was in the hospital for three months. I was unaware of ANYTHING for the first month and a half. I was shuffled from family member to family member, as my Granny, Papaw, Uncle, and Aunt Vicki was hundreds of miles away at the hospital.

My Mom taught me ... absence makes the heart grow fonder.

After about a month, my Papaw and Aunt Vicki came home to me. But I still didn't know where Mommy was. My aunt Vicki took care of me like I was her own, and she was only 18 years old at the time.

I remember being so frustrated that no one would tell me where my Mom was, I took some scissors and gaped my hair up. It wasn't long after that, they told me a version of what happen. They took me to the hospital to see my Mom, who after months of being in the hospital, still had 2 black eyes. I remember burying my face in Aunt Vicki's shoulder, afraid of what I was about to see.

But she was ALIVE!

My Mom taught me Bravery.

When she got to come home from the hospital, we had to live with my Grandparents because Mom had to wear a back brace and couldn't take care of herself, much less take care of me. We lived there for years I remember.

My Mom taught me about patience ... even though I don't have any. {lol}

Fast forward years later, they found the hole in her head and the piece of skull had slid down and settled into her sinus cavity. She had surgery to repair it on January 14, 1995. They did surgery where they had to peel her face down to get the bone out. Then they placed a metal plate over the hole. I remember feeding her jello at the hospital.

My Mom taught me strength.

Over the years, I moved out of the house away from my Mom several times. As I said before, her mental state had been altered, she was still very smart, but had the competency of a 16 year old. We fought like sisters. I lived with Aunt Vicki for a while, my Grandparents for a while. But I always ended back with my Mom.

My Mom taught me Unconditional Love.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A New Bloggin Buddy

My Aunt Vicki has started a new blog just today!! It's her first trip into the blogging world. It's called Forgotten Mom, if you'd like to stop by and see how much her and I are alike!!

Come on people, let's get her addicted to blogging too!! lol

While you're there, give her a holler and tell 'er her niece Daphne sent you over!

Later Y'all!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Saturday Rodeo

The rodeo was fun. The kids enjoyed it, except that Princess had a tummy ache & some poopy problems. Other than that, everything went well.
It. Was. Freakin. Cold. Though.

LittleMan rode the mechanical bull again. This time they actually turned it up and bucked him around. We went to a different bull this time though, one inside, because. It. Was. Freakin. Cold.

Hubby bought me my centerpiece that I've been wanting for my kitchen table. I had found a similar one online, but it cost over $100! This one didn't.

And we won't go back to the 4pm show again. It was shorter and when we left ... at 630 ... I felt like I had just got there.

Next year, it's back to the 8pm show. The only reason we opted for the 4pm was because we brought Princess this year. It was her first time. =)

But next year, yeah, 8pm. It may end late, but we're gonna get a hotel room.