Tuesday, March 18, 2008

T-Ball Tuesday

LittleMan has been bestowed with the position of Pitcher on his T-Ball team. He is thrilled. And I am thrilled for him. It is the most coveted position of them all.

Now, they don't actually pitch during T-Ball, but they need someone there to catch the ball. LittleMan's pretty darn good at catching, and he's getting better at every practice.

His throwing, however, needs work. He can throw f-a-s-t but it doesn't always go where he wants it to. His coach is trying to teach him to take more time to get it to the base, instead of rushing and throwing a wild ball.

He is one of 2 of his team that can hit the ball to the fence. Not fly balls, ground balls, but they are moving so fast, they almost always make it to the outfield before anyone can even touch it.

And, running the bases, there's no competition. He is the fastest runner on the team. And 95% of the time, he remembers to touch all the bases. =)

Baseball seems to be his sport. Now, Bring on them Pro Scouts!



Way to go Casey! I wished my little one would show an interest..but, he will have nothing to do with it...for now.