Wednesday, April 30, 2008

T-Ball Game #5

{I forgot my camera AGAIN!! Luckily, Hubby picked it up for me on his way to the game, so I got some pics. I say some pics, because my batteries almost died. What is with me lately??}

They are getting Better and BETTER every game! But boy did the other team have their act together.

Two. times. ...LittleMan hit the ball right into the pitcher's glove. But he ran it on to first base for good measure.

LittleMan was a bit off, probably because of his head injury the night before. But they still did really good.

They didn't win, but it wasn't by much. 21-17

Rocket Math

I had mentioned last week or so, that LittleMan is learning addition at school. They're calling it Rocket Math.

They start at A, after they pass the benchmark for A (which is like 15 correct problems in one minute), they go to B, then C, then D, and so on.

Well I just found out that LittleMan is a D.

He's the only one in his class on D.

No one is ahead of him!!! They are all A's, B's and C's.

LittleMan is taking after his Mama here! I totally rocked Math in school, even winning a 3rd place trophy in Algebra I out of the entire county!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Uh oh

LittleMan had T-ball practice yesterday. So to avoid cooking afterwards, we headed to my in-laws for supper. After we ate, we were about to head home. Hubby went out to take some leftovers to his truck before coming back in to tote Princess out. LittleMan went with his Daddy. On the way back to the house, they were racing, when ....

LittleMan ran smack into the side mirror of his aunt's car. Turned the mirror all the way around.

I have never seen a knot come up so fast or so BIG before.

I. Almost. Had. A. Heart. Attack!

I panicked, then got some ice.

It was huge!!! It was similar to a pecan shape. It looked like a balloon filling up in the beginning. I was scared it wasn't gonna stop.

A couple hours later, I finally let him go to sleep.

He was a lot better this morning, so I sent him to school.

I hope to NEVER go through that again!

{This picture does the bump no justice, that thing was HUGE in real person. Plus the picture was taken over an hour after it happen.}

Monday, April 28, 2008

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Weekly Winners

My Weekly Winners is a day late, due to the Nascar race being in my town this weekend, I had TONS of family visiting...
LittleMan hustlin' to the ball

Princess petting a bunny
LittleMan petting the bunny

after eating a fresh chocolate chip cookie

Weekly Winners is the brainchild of Lotus

Thursday, April 24, 2008

T-Ball Game #4

**No pictures to share, Can you believe I forgot my camera???

Well they played really well! They played the same team that beat the snot out of them in their first game.

I have to say, the other team was awesome! Their pitcher and first basemen work really well together.

LittleMan did great too! The whole team did, the opposing team just did better.

Some new things happen this game, that they aren't used to. It's good for them to continue learning new plays, etc.

And the parents weren't rude this time. =)

The final score was 20-12.

BlogRoll Updated

I've added some great new sites to my blogroll lately. Most of them have to do with Motherhood, Frugal Living, or Freebies.

School Bus Trouble

When LittleMan got off the school bus yesterday, he was crying.

He and two other boys were rough housing. One little boy had poked him in the eye, one had punched him in the back. The one that punched him in the back, apologized.

We've taught LittleMan not to fight back, but to go to an adult. His regular bus driver was out and there was a sub driver. {Of course there was a sub, NO WAY with the regular driver they would be allowed to rough house anyway.}

When he told her that this little boy had poked him in the eye, she said to him,

"If you don't sit down and be quiet, I'm going to poke you in the eye."


And then the whole bus laughed at him.

I took LittleMan to school this morning. I went in to speak with the Principal, who wasn't there today. So I spoke with the Vice Principal.

I want LittleMan to know that just because this one adult, wasn't there for him, it didn't mean anything. Mommy is here for him and will get action.

What good is it for him to go to an authority figure for help, if they act as juvenile as 6 and 7 year olds?

The VP said she is going to get to the bottom of it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is it that time already?

LittleMan got his Progress Report today. It's sort of like a report card in between report cards.

His teacher notes, "LittleMan is soaring! He knows the sight words! He is reading and writing. He is also enjoying rocket math. I am so proud of him!"

In 4 short weeks, my LittleMan will be a Kindergarten Graduate.

Wow. Where did this year go?

Time, you are scaring me.


Slow down. I need my babies to stay babies for a little longer.

T-Ball Game #3

Last night, LittleMan was on!

He hasn't practiced or anything since their last game, last Tuesday. And he's getting over strep throat. I thought for sure he would be lagging.

He was so on that ball, I was amazed!

He didn't get any home runs this game, but he did good!

They won 15-16!

LittleMan's side still had one round of batting, but they called the game cause they were already ahead.

LittleMan was ecstatic!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Movie Review

I don't plan on giving away any spoilers, so Read On! This is just my personal opinion on whether or not I like the following movies. I will base my opinions on a 5 star scale.

Movies we watched this week:

Alvin and the Chipmunks

5 Stars

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

4 Stars

The Number 23

3 stars

Weekly Winners

Weekly Winners is the Brainchild of Sarcastic Mom.

Sleeping Siblings

Dental Time


This Week's Funniest

Princess informing me that she was a Kangaroo Baby and I was Kangaroo Mommy.
Lately, she's had a fascination with Kangaroos. She points them out everywhere, even when I don't notice them.
LittleMan telling me that he is a Genius because he knows what one hundred plus one hundred is. And he does.
I forgot to put our cat, Peanut, outside before we left for LittleMan's T-Ball game Tuesday. He obviously wasn't happy about it, which resulted in him pooping on my bed ... on my side!
Watching Princess (who btw is destined to be a Dance Queen) dance while we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. Also Princess and LittleMan repetitively saying BomChicaWahWah
While watching Alvin and the Chipmunks, I remembered my Granny telling me that when she started dating my Papaw (whose name is Alvin), he fibbed to her and told her his name was Alan, since Alvin and the Chipmunks were so big back then.
Watch for "This Week's Funniest", which I plan to blog about every Sunday!!!! And if anyone else wants to join in, please do.
You can link to my blog if you want to!!

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Sickness Galore

I know it's been 3 days, it's been crazy around here.

Both the kids have strep throat. LittleMan had it BAD yesterday.

He could barely swallow. =( And his fever had gotten over 103 degrees.

He made it through T-Ball pictures, then we went to the doctor.

Princess had the beginning stages, she wasn't in much pain yet and her temp wasn't over 100 degrees yet, but we caught it early enough that she won't experience what LittleMan had to.

I didn't make LittleMan take the shot because he already had quite a week with the dentists.

They are both on medication now and LittleMan was feeling A Lot better last night. He ate like he hadn't ate in days!

Hubby has been down with his sinuses. Well I say down, but he still went to work and everything. He just has been sleeping a bit more and has been complaining of headaches since about Tuesday.

I had a bit of a sore throat yesterday, but couldn't afford to see the doctor with both kids already seeing him and also the dentist earlier in the week that cost me over $100 dollars. So I just prayed it wasn't strep throat.

Did you know if strep throat goes untreated it can cause kidney damage???

Well I woke up this morning with a head cold. I haven't run a fever either, so at least it's not Strep.

Hope everyone else is having a better week!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Visitor

This is what Hubby found as he went out our back door to leave for work at 5:15am this morning.

T-Ball Game #2

Tuesday, LittleMan's T-ball team played their second game. LittleMan was the first up to bat.

He hit it long and hard!


It was all very exciting. They were so much more prepared than the first game. Although they didn't win (17-18) they were in great spirits afterwards! And so was I. This team we played that night, was very nice and their parents didn't "grow horns" like the ones from opening day.

LittleMan's Dental Week

I have never been able to get LittleMan to go to the dentist. He is 6 years old and Yes I know what you're thinking. Make him go! Well, tried that.

Anyway, he found out that one hygienist was his friend's mother. So he told me he would go. So our appointment was Monday. He did extremely well!

But his teeth were not well! We were referred to a pediatric dentist for some work.

Yesterday we went to the new dentist and he got 2 silver caps and 2 white fillings, all in the back. He needs one more visit to get one more cap and 2 more fillings.

He was such a big boy!! He stayed awake the whole time, he barely cried or complained afterwards, and he did it all without Mommy by his side. I had to wait in the waiting room. =( I almost cried though.

The bad part?

When we got home, which is over 30 miles away from the dentist, one cap fell off!!! We called and then headed back up there to get it put back on. This time, he cried a little bit more since they have to push it back in.

Now he's proud that he has silver teeth, lol. I remember having them at his age and I was embarrassed, but not LittleMan!