Thursday, April 17, 2008

LittleMan's Dental Week

I have never been able to get LittleMan to go to the dentist. He is 6 years old and Yes I know what you're thinking. Make him go! Well, tried that.

Anyway, he found out that one hygienist was his friend's mother. So he told me he would go. So our appointment was Monday. He did extremely well!

But his teeth were not well! We were referred to a pediatric dentist for some work.

Yesterday we went to the new dentist and he got 2 silver caps and 2 white fillings, all in the back. He needs one more visit to get one more cap and 2 more fillings.

He was such a big boy!! He stayed awake the whole time, he barely cried or complained afterwards, and he did it all without Mommy by his side. I had to wait in the waiting room. =( I almost cried though.

The bad part?

When we got home, which is over 30 miles away from the dentist, one cap fell off!!! We called and then headed back up there to get it put back on. This time, he cried a little bit more since they have to push it back in.

Now he's proud that he has silver teeth, lol. I remember having them at his age and I was embarrassed, but not LittleMan!