Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Uh oh

LittleMan had T-ball practice yesterday. So to avoid cooking afterwards, we headed to my in-laws for supper. After we ate, we were about to head home. Hubby went out to take some leftovers to his truck before coming back in to tote Princess out. LittleMan went with his Daddy. On the way back to the house, they were racing, when ....

LittleMan ran smack into the side mirror of his aunt's car. Turned the mirror all the way around.

I have never seen a knot come up so fast or so BIG before.

I. Almost. Had. A. Heart. Attack!

I panicked, then got some ice.

It was huge!!! It was similar to a pecan shape. It looked like a balloon filling up in the beginning. I was scared it wasn't gonna stop.

A couple hours later, I finally let him go to sleep.

He was a lot better this morning, so I sent him to school.

I hope to NEVER go through that again!

{This picture does the bump no justice, that thing was HUGE in real person. Plus the picture was taken over an hour after it happen.}