Monday, June 30, 2008

This Old Truck

When we first bought my Hubby's Dodge dually, back in August of last year, a week hadn't passed when the transmission tore up.

The car lot that we bought it from payed for all the materials needed to fix the dually, we just had to pay $700 for the labor. Fair enough, since they weren't responsible for repairs once we signed papers. (It was sort of a good-faith thing.)

Then, back in February, I wrote about the brakes, axles and all that being messed up on the truck. We spent almost $3000 to get it fixed.

Almost 2 weeks ago, I told you about Hubby wrecking his truck. The repair shop had to fix almost the whole wrecked side, rims included. And he got 4 new tires on the back. (He got tires on both sides, so the treads would match.)

Another new tire, from having a flat and being stuck uptown at a gas station. (And men kept coming up to him talking to him and he had to threaten one guy with his flashlight to get him to leave him alone!)

If things keep going, at this rate, his 2001 dually will be like a brand new truck! lol

I just had to find some humor in all this to keep from going mad, although, I doubt he would think it's funny.