Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Independence Celebration Plans

Today is the last day of June!

I cannot believe July is upon us already! June just flew by!

And we didn't keep up with schoolwork or anything!

Thursday morning, we are leaving for my Hubby's mother's house. We will be having cookouts, and going to SIL B's baby shower. [Niece4 is due to join us early August] [We also have a Niece5 due to join us in early October, from BIL C and his gf-L]

From there, we are driving over to my Granny's house on Monday morning, and spending some time there, until leaving to come home late Tuesday night. We like to drive while the kids sleep!

We are bringing my mother home with us. Hubby has taken his vacation that week. (July 7-11) We plan to do some things with my Mom. Like going up Cheaha Mt. and having a picnic.

My Granny & Papaw will be coming to pick my Mom up on July 16. I hope they plan to stay at least one night with us, it's been such a long time since they both have been able to come down.

So, I will be pretty busy! I just hope I get everything I need done by Wednesday night. I hate forgetting things at home when we travel!