Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Visit with Family

This weekend me and the kids went to visit my hometown, where we visiting with my Mom, Granny, Papaw, Aunt Vicki, Uncle "Mellow" and 3 cousins "Racer", "Slugger" and "DQ" (Drama Queen).

Princess on LittleMan's new toy

Me and my Granny - Oh yeah, I cut my hair off a couple weeks ago ;)
LittleMan about to go ridin'
Racer and his Princess shadow
LittleMan ridin around with Aunt Vicki
Princess playin in Granny's dirt
My Mom and me
Didn't get her way
LittleMan playin ball with Aunt Vicki
Happy again
Vicki's pup, Cage
Granny's pup Beethoven
Granny's other 2 pups, Champ & Buffy


Blue Momma said...

Those are great pics! Love seeing the family. Oh, and I like your new layout.