Monday, May 12, 2008

T-Ball Game #7

It was a Saturday game, and I was suppose to work the concession stand for 2 hours before our game.

Things DID NOT go as planned.

First off, Princess started running a fever the night before. Well, I called and told the coach I couldn't work concession, and that either Hubby or SIL R would bring LittleMan to practice and the game.

Princess' fever had broke after the game had started and I thought she'd be okay to go watch the rest of the game. She laid on my shoulder the whole time, I wish I wouldn't have taken her up there. But I hated the thought of missing one of his games, stupid I know.

LittleMan was a bit off, probably because of his allergies & cough. And the fact that they were playing the team that beat the snot out of them on opening day didn't help, lol. They played a good game, but lost 23-12. ** No pictures because I forgot the camera in my haste to leave for the field.

We found out that there is a game this coming Saturday, that wasn't on the schedule. It's a Tournament game. This upset me because,
#1. it wasn't on the schedule;
#2. games on two Saturdays in a row;
#3. you have to actually pay to get in it; and
#4. We had planned on taking LittleMan down to Montgomery to the Little Boots Rodeo so he could do some Mutton Bustin' He's wanted to try it for years.

But, oh well.

Plus, we still don't know when we will be making up game #6 that got cancelled because of the weather.