Tuesday, April 8, 2008

LittleMan's First T-Ball Game this Season

LittleMan's first t-ball game this season was Saturday. It was suppose to be at 10am, but we woke up to rain. They pushed it back to 4:30pm.

LittleMan was SOOOOOOO excited and READY to play....

The team was SOOOOOO not ready for the game. LittleMan included.

Our coach is new to coaching, his first year. And I thought I noticed that they were not covering all their bases, if you'll excuse the cliche'. But after all, we missed the first month of games last season because LittleMan decided to play rough and broke his pinkie finger 2 days before opening day. So what did I know, they could totally be ready.

Anyway, they got smoked. 23-7 And it was all okay, because they are kids, it's the first game, and it was some of the kids' first year playing. But the parents of the opposing team. ERRRR If I wasn't such a lady, some people would have gotten their asses kicked!

They were laughing every time one of our players messed up or didn't know what to do.

Trashy people.

Anyway, LittleMan was all upset, thinking it was all his fault because he could have gotten more people out if he would have realized that when you "tag" someone out, you actually have to "tag" them with the ball, not shove them down face first into a pile of mud with your open hand.

But no one on our side laughed at that kid. Or any other kid. Or booed them, or told our kids to do bad things to them.

Unlike the other team's fans.

Anyway, hopefully they will continue to get better. I don't care if they win a single game this year. I know it's not about that. It's about feeling good about themselves though.

And so long as other "adults" cannot figure out how to SHUT THEIR MOUTHS, getting better is the only answer.
Or jail time, someone wanna come bail me out??


Blue Momma said...


Holy crap!

My hubby is from Munford and his parents still live there.

Small world, huh?