Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Update

Me & Hubby decided that with our income tax, I would get $1000 to do whatever I wanted, some for the kids and $1200 for him to get a custom saddle built.

Friday, as I was headed to the mall to go shopping with my remaining $700, he called me and told me that he had taken his truck to be serviced and had his brakes checked. {He had a hunch a while that they needed fixed}

Anyway, there was a shit load of problems with his brake system and I had to go home to let him know exactly how much money was in the bank, etc.

Long story short, he spent every $$ of our regular money {including our money to spent at the rodeo in a couple weeks} and took all mine!!!! I understand that he doesn't need to be driving his truck if the brakes are messed up, but listen to the best part....

He kept his $1200!! He said it's because that guy has already started on his saddle. But when I asked him if he knew for sure, he said no. I asked him to call him, he called me back and said he couldn't get ahold of him but left a msg. And as of today, Monday, he still hasn't returned Hubby's call.

U know, he "knew" something was UP with his brakes, but he convienently had his saddle started before having the brakes checked ??? What the hell?

We have since spent some of his, he needed horse feed and other stuff, but for the most part, he is still going to get his $1200 saddle.

It's just not fair.

I know life is not fair.

But still.

Do you feel my pain??

So he got his truck fixed and he's all happy now.


Saturday, I took LittleMan and signed him up for his second year of TBall. All he did was complain that I didn't let him play football last August. So this August I guess he's playing football. His draft is next Saturday. Then the kids had 2 birthday parties to go to. Princess didn't go to the 1st one, and I made Hubby take LittleMan to it by himself. Me & Princess went to WalMart for her to spend her Valentine's $$ from the grandparents. She bought a Diego movie.
My BFF came over later and got both the kids to take them to the 2nd party.

Sunday, we had severe thunderstorms again. So I spent the entire day in the house cleaning. Before the storms hit, the kids were going places with Hubby. The news says Prattville got tore up pretty badly. Last night at 930pm, Hubby's boss called to tell him that he would be on storm duty at 5am this morning. So he will probably be gone til Tuesday night or longer.

And Tuesday is my Daddy's birthday. It's gonna be a rough day. Even though he's been gone for over 2 years, it's not gotten any easier.

This morning around 3am, LittleMan woke me up. He was throwing up in his bed. [my poor baby] and has since been throwing up about every hour. So of course, he missed school. He is just laying here on the loveseat sleeping with a garbage can next to him in the floor. =(

I had to call A. and tell her not to bring Baby Boy over cuz LittleMan is contagious. So I won't have Baby Boy until Thursday..... I hope it doesn't affect my pay.

Hope everyone else had a better weekend then I did.


random_mommy said...

NOT FAIR! Next year, you get the whole tax refund!


I agree with random better get the whole thing next year. I would have been just as pissed of as you....dang men anyway!

Karen_thrifty said...

Sounds like his truck cost a lot to fix. What did they have to do?

Daphne said...

I can't remember all the words he used, but several different parts of the brake system & the brakes themselves. One brake wasn't even working at all. And then like $60 of the money was oil change, point check, etc.
I know it seems like WAY TOO MUCH. And it probably was. It's not like hubby to just agree with a mechanic either.
I just don't know! ??