Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Longing for warmer weather....

With all the warm days lately, I stopped picking through Princess' summer boxes and finally unloaded them all. Oh, all the cute things she will wear this year!

Some in thanks to my SIL D, who passes her girls' (ages 7 & 5) clothes to us, my SIL B who passes her daughter's (age 4) clothes too, and of course my love of thrift stores.

I couldn't resist taking some pictures of my sweet Princess with the outifits on.

O Summer, hurry up, will ya?

BTW, I can't believe I haven't even posted this before, But Congrats to my SIL B who is expecting her second baby in August. She finds out what she's having March 4th.
Who knows, she may get all the goodies sent back her way, with all my additions!