Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's holiday yesterday. And for those of you who will be celebrating this weekend, Have Fun!

I had previously posted that I didn't have any plans. Well, me & my BFF went shopping ALL DAY! It was soooo fun & great to be with her!

Hubby called while we were shopping, wanting to get a babysitter to go out to eat. It shocked me, because I figured he would want to stay home since he had worked all day and he's usually stressed at the end of the week. {Thursday is the end of the work week for him}

So SIL "R" kept the kids and we went out to LongHorn. There was a 60-75 minute wait. After waiting about 10 minutes, some of our friends (actually cousins) showed up. They had called in earlier to get on the list. {They never let us do that when we try, and especially on V-Day: had me confused.}

So they were only there about 5 minutes before they were called in. =(

But after about 5-10 minutes, they sent for us to sit with them. =)

We had never been out to eat with them, and it had been a while since we've even seen them, so it was a great time!

We picked the kids up around 930pm and headed home.

It was a Great Day!!



Glad you had a great Valentines Day..Hope your weekend is as well!