Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tagged by Random Mommy

Why do you blog? Well, there are a few different reasons, but I guess the main reason is so I have something to do that is Mine. You know, I clean all day, I cook, I do home volunteer stuff for Little Man's kindergarten, I do all this stuff for others. I blog because I enjoy it and it's MINE.

What was the first blog you ever read? The Incoherent Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mom

What was the first blog that had you hooked? Catwoman, I got sucked in!

Which blogger friend would you most like to meet in real person? Dixie Chick, even though she would probably make me watch American Idol with her, lol

Which blog do you admire the most, why? Random Mommy, she tells it like it is.

How different are you in real life than in your blog? I'm alot more boring than I put on

How many blogs do you keep up with on a daily basis? Around 20, more on a weekly basis

Link to your 123rd post. Or your 3rd, if you don't have 123. Here is my 3rd, boy was I in a crabby mood that day! And it, OF COURSE, has happen countless times since then.



Awww..you are too sweet..I would love to meet you too...and um, yeah...you would have to watch Idol with me...over and over again..cause that's how I roll...lol....Nahhhh...I am sure we could find something a little more fun to do....maybe there will be a bloggy meet up thing one of these days, maybe we can both get lucky enough to find childcare and buy plane tickets..and like, um..go and have lots of fun and lots of drinks...and...and...oops, sorry..I am rambling....lol....anyway, right back at ya babe!