Tuesday, January 22, 2008

100 Things (Part 2)

26. I love the idea of being organized, but can never stay that way.

27. I have an addiction to Meat Lover's Pizza from Papa John's Pizza

28. I love going to thrift stores & yard sales

29. Pink is my favorite color

30. I don't eat deer, fish or any other seafood.

31. I love to swim. In a pool only. I'm weird about lakes & the ocean.

32. I am starting a binder with my favorite recipes in it.

33. I am German, and 2 different types of Indian, but I am mostly Italian. Which explains my big nose, my hot head and my great love of food. =)

34. I love Butter Cream scented candles!

35. I like to play scrabble.

36. I used to work at Dairy Queen.

37. I am terrible at hitting in softball. But I'm pretty good at catching. =)

38. I like musicals (like Sound of Music), but I didn't like the new Hairspray movie.

39. I have hazel eyes, that change slightly depending on what color I am wearing.

40. My favorite flowers are calla lillies.

41. I am jealous of my husband's freedom... he comes & goes as he wishes, without having to worry about the kids.

42. I have moved houses more times in my life than I can even count.

43. I have low patience, most of the time.

44. I'm really good at math.

45. I would LOVE to remodel my kitchen.

46. I am a big procrastinator.

47. I used to write poetry.

48. I miss Super Nintendo. My mom still has one. I tried to get her to give it to me. No luck.

49. I hate to exercize, but need to start.

50. Before I had kids, I was a wonderful 104 pounds. That was a LONG time ago.


Yankee Belle said...

I love SUper Nintendo. I have one. I aint giving it up either...I stole it from my brother. ;)

Andrea said...

Oh, super nintendo...the memories!!

I like the idea of breaking up your 100 things about me post into quarters. I did mine all in one shot back in summer...sheesh, was that hard to come up with 100 things all at once!!


I would totally be your yard saleing buddy....love me some garage/yard sales in the spring/summer..I have a recipe binder too....I will have to send you some of mine...I am making it for my boys, for when they, you know...go out on their own, maybe one day, like...possilby cook....before I had kids...I weighed in at a whopping 102 lbs..we are so much alike...I swaney..we could be BFF's if we lived closer..lol....loved your list!