Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kid Names & Myspace Crap

(Editted to take names back out. Hubby freaked when he found out I shared. Sorry!)

When I first started blogging, I was unsure of if I wanted to share the names of my kids on here or not. Some of the blogs I read do share, some do not. I have been blogging for about 2 months, and I feel it's okay to share now ...
So introducing ......

My son LittleMan:

and my daughter Princess:

On a different note.
Myspace has become too much!

I had deleted my profile after having someone start some crap with me/my hubby.

I decided to go ahead and start a new one because it's the main way I stay in contact with my 3 sisters (who live in CA) and 1 of my sister-in-laws who lives in FL. Needless to say, we don't see each other often, so Myspace can be great for that.

Well I didn't add all my old contacts because at first I wasn't planning on using the same as I did before. I didn't add my school or my town I lived in so that "that girl" wouldn't find me.

After a while, I slowly started adding friends and friends started requesting me again. Well, then yesterday I get an email from one of my friends (who is 20 years old, by the way), who I haven't seen much at all in the past year and I don't talk to much. Of course she supposed that I was mad at her, etc etc etc.

Now telling her I wasn't mad, just wasn't enough. Why? Because I didn't request her friendship months ago & something about some headline I had on there once. For people that are totally wrapped up in Myspace, I can understand why she might think that, but come on. I'm not gonna lie about something like that.

If you're not on someone's top list, you MUST be mad at them. If you don't forward their chain letters, you MUST be mad at them. If you don't make other people your priority, you MUST be mad at them.

I just have to say that I am a 27 year old WOMAN and Myspace WAS so fun .... in the beginning. Now? It's just a means of conversation.

If your not on my top friend list, or even on my friend list at all, does that mean I secretly despise you and never want to talk to you? NO that's just silly.

WHY does everyone make Myspace/Facebook/whatever out to be this big deal? This is probably why it isn't fun anymore.

So just to clarify ... I am not mad at anyone other than TOM. Why did he have to go and start some online community that was gonna make people question their ideas of what it means to be a good friend, or even good human being? I, for one, do not care about Top Friends. I have my beautiful kids & my sexy hubby and the rest of my family, telling me that I'm their number one, what more do I need? NOTHING.

So if you want to add me as a friend on this SUPER IMPORTANT MYSPACE, then click here. And leave the drama at home =)
{{Just make sure you email me first and tell me who you are, otherwise I might think you are some stalker person, lol.}}



I have a MySpace....never ever use it...I don't have any friends, so kind of wasteful...but if you want to add me.....Check out Donna Bahus, or Donna Hatke...not sure which one I put it Indiana....


Oh, by the way...your kids are freaking adorable! You did good....

The Mama Hood said...

Gorgeous babies! Nice to meet them! I still don't know if I want to put their names up, but its cool that many moms do. I am happy you stopped by my blog and left a comment so I thought I would do the same, you are funny by the reading your posts, I will be reading more too!
Have a great Wednesday!

Yankee Belle said...

Ha! I posted a blog about myspace the other day. Too funny! ANd your babies are beautiful! =)