Friday, May 9, 2008

New Beds

Okay, here's the before & after pictures I promised. Please PLZ overlook the messiness. I can hardly ever get LittleMan to clean his room, and I can NEVER get Princess to clean hers. =)

First here's a before picture of Princess' room:

Now, here's a much better after picture:

Here is LittleMan's room before, with the queen size bed that took up most of the room:

And after, it looks much more like a little boy room now:

Here is half of our office/family room, the other side of the room hold a kitchen table that we do homework on, 4 bookcases, a tv stand with tv, game system etc, desk with my computer, and you can see the loveseat in the pic. The bed is going where the eliptical machine is and we're moving the toy kitchens out to slide the eliptical machine over there:

After picture to come, after I have time to move stuff around and get the queen size bed set up in there and everything.