Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My (late) Mother's Day Gift (and part LittleMan's Graduation Gift)

I told you that I didn't really get a typical Mother's Day because Hubby had to go on storm duty. Well, he's been talking about building me a small pond in the yard as my gift since then. We went to Lowe's to look around, and the prices on the materials for a pond were outrageous! I told him I could wait.
Well we went to Wally World, on our way home, to get groceries. He decided we need to look at the pools. We found a small 12ft by 3ft (just like this one, but a different size) pool on a center aisle for only 98.74. He took the pool, accessories and the kids through a different aisle, since I had the groceries. They charged him $119 for the pool, but after he took them back there and showed them where they were placed, they refunded him $21.88!

So the pool (which btw, is ever-so-perfect, because is isn't over Princess's head) is half my Mother's Day gift and half LittleMan's Graduation gift.

We've been in it everyday since! Check these pictures of the kids playing while Daddy was still filling it up with water.



They are going to have so much fun with that. I wished we could get a pool..but we live out in the country..kind of, we use well water...and it is too rusty to use in a pool...maybe we could have someone come out with a pool water truck and fill one..but just too darn expensive....great pictures!