Monday, May 12, 2008

How was your Mother's Day?

Well, I didn't have the greatest Mother's Day ever, but it could have been worse.

First, we had bad storms come through during the night. Both kids ended up in bed with us. I don't blame them, heck I was scared. So we weren't far into Mother's Day before Hubby's boss calls him up for storm duty. [He is actually finally getting home as I type this! from working all night]

Second, Princess' fever was still around {and is STILL around} and she's had a headache. I think her sinuses are stopped up. I haven't taken her to the doctor because her fever hasn't gotten over 100.8 degrees. But I went to WalMart and got her some medicine to un-stop her.

Third, LittleMan's allergies are acting up. Even with allergy medicine, he's coughing like someone who's smoked for years.

The kids played some, I cleaned Princess' room, which took hours, and that was about it.

At least I got to spend the day with my babies, that was the good part.