Monday, May 12, 2008

1 Week til Graduation

LittleMan will be graduating from Kindergarten on May 20th. I am excited, nervous, happy, sad, all in one big jumbled mess. I already know I am going to cry, there's no doubt. Hubby has already admitted he's knows he's going to cry too. {Aww} =)

Join me, as I take a trip down Memory Lane......

Dear LittleMan,

In a very short week, you will go from being my 6 year old Kindergartner to being my 6 year old Kindergarten Graduate. Wow. How did it go so fast? I'm happy to see your love of learning. I'm nervous that you are out there on your own, without me. I'm sad because you are growing up. I'm beaming at the littleman you are turning into.

On your first day of school, you were so excited, until we left the house. Then when we got to the school, you were nervous. I was nervous. I didn't want to leave you there alone. You didn't want me to leave you there all alone ... until you seen there was playdoh.

You were behind the other kids from the first day. You didn't have the chance to go to Preschool. You had to try harder to learn as fast. And you did.

Come September, you were in a program called The Foreign Food Festival. Your class had Australia as your country. You and your class got on stage and sang a song called "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree" You were great! After every class had a chance to sing their parts, it was off to the classroom, where Mommy helped serve all the Kindergartners plates of food from all different countries. You didn't really like the food. But you ate some anyway. And you looked adorable in your blue hat!

In February, you got all excited about running for "King of Hearts", which for the most part was just a fund-raiser. You didn't really do anything. I collected what money I could in a short time. But you didn't win King. You did get a trophy though, that said Prince of Hearts. You were satisfied. I was happy you were satisfied.

Then a little over a week later, you lost your first tooth. Well, actually, you pulled it out. My LittleMan is a ToughBoy! You were bummed you only got a dollar for it from the toothfairy, you were expecting twenty!

In March, you had Kite Day at school. It was your first kite ever. You loved it and you loved that day at school. As soon as you got home. You tore up your first kite. And you cried. That weekend, we got another kite and I taught you how to handle it. You forgot all about that old kite and had a fun day with your new favorite toy.

In April, you played your first game of your second year of T-ball. This year, you are the pitcher. It's a lot different from when you played outfield last year. Last year, your team only lost one game, and were the T-Ball champions. You expected as much this year. You are learning to lose gracefully. And you're getting a lot of practice. =) But like Mommy says, it's not about winning, it's about playing your best and having fun!

Now, it's May already. Graduation time. You've developed just like you should. Even better, really. You are so smart! Your reading is amazing, your math makes me so proud, you're picking everything up so well!! I am so proud of YOU!!! MY LittleMan.

Love You Infinity,


Anonymous said...

Your message to your son was so beautiful! I found this blog by chance because I was feeling happy and sad at the thought of my lil girl graduating Kindergarten tomorrow. They really grow so fast.