Thursday, March 6, 2008

Well ...

You can scratch #1 from my Bucket List.

I have no desire to go anywhere near a horse from now on, much less not be afraid of them.

Hubby has LittleMan fill up the horses' water troughs everyday as part of his chores. Mainly because it's after dark when Hubby gets home from work.

Well yesterday, they didn't need filled and LittleMan took it upon himself to go out in the pasture and lead his horse around.

Zip, Hubby's stud horse, charged at LittleMan & Bandit, knocking LittleMan to the ground. He didn't kick or step on LittleMan, but he left skid marks all over his belly, some on his hip, one on his back and several up his right arm.

LittleMan had to walk all the way back to the house by himself because I didn't hear him hollering, I was in the house feeding Baby Boy.

Needless to say I was very emotional ... I was upset for LittleMan, and extremely pissed off at the horse. And at Hubby because he knows I'd rather the kids not be around horses. But I've let them grow up around them because of Hubby's wishes.

This is the very reason I don't like going around horses. Even if Zip got spooked and didn't mean to hurt LittleMan, he did. This horse, Zip, we've had for years and Hubby trusts completely. But just imagine what he could do if he was doing it intentionally.

My poor baby.

So, I officially give up on getting comfortable with horses. I don't care about it anymore.



That poor baby...I would have freaked the hell out too. Otherwise, is he ok?

Dixie said...

I would have had a very, and I do mean VERY hard time, not killing that horse.