Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy March!

For the weather to have been the way it has been for the past week, it sure is a beautiful day today! It's sunny and pushing 70 degrees.
How weird is our weather?

This week:

Monday: "A" called and told me that Baby Boy's brother had the flu and that her sis "K" would be dropping Baby Boy off this week.

Tuesday: We had some pretty bad storms roll though early in the morning. School didn't open until 10am, but we made it through okay. Our power was off for a while though.

A dropped off Baby Boy for a few hours while she helped her in laws, trees fell on their house & both vehicles during the storms. Baby Boy was running a fever.

My new PINK cell phone came in. I called to get it activated & it messed our pay plan up BIG time. Since I now do not have a Nextel phone, but a Sprint, me & Hubby can't share the family plan anymore .... eeeeerrrrgggggg. And then Nextel couldn't change Hubby's plan because he was already on day 3 of the cycle.... eeeeeerrrrrrrggggggggg AGAIN! So we are going to be paying about double $$ the next bill.

Wednesday: Baby Boy's fever had gotten pretty high during the night before, so I didn't have him Wednesday. This is the day it snowed. Not a lot but definitely strange for the temperatures we've had lately. Me and Princess went and printed the picture that we decided on for Photogenic in the Easter Pageant.

Thursday: I still didn't watch Baby Boy, I guess A decided just to keep him home since his brother couldn't go to Preschool until Friday due to his flu. So I had the day to myself & Princess. We took the Easter Pageant entry form, photogenic picture & fees and turned them in to the school. Everyone made over her and her picture.... she's so gorgeous ... she'll win for sure ... awe, look at her putting chap stick on. She LOVED it!

Friday: Friday was Leap Day. I did watch Baby Boy this day. He did excellent. His doctor put him on some medicine for Acid Reflux & changed him to Sensitive Formula. He's like a different child! We had a great day until the evening, when he got fussy. My SIL R was here, so she wanted to walk him.... something I didn't want to start up. But when that didn't work (lol) we turned out all the lights, turned on some light classical music and rocked him in his car seat [which he LOVES to sit in]. It only took about 10 minutes and he was asleep! AHHH

Today: Hubby & LittleMan went horse riding, so me & Princess went & got McDonald's and took it to the park, so we could watch the ducks while we ate. I tried to get her to go into the playground and play, but I think there were too many children there, because she wouldn't go in.


Sweet Repeats is opening to the public on Monday. I CANNOT WAIT. For those of you who do not know what Sweet Repeats is, it is a consignment event that offers gently used baby & children's clothing and toys, shoes, etc. It only happens twice a year. October they sell Fall/Winter Apparel. And March they sell Spring/Summer apparel.

I don't know if I have Baby Boy Monday or not. But I will be there when they open the doors! Which reminds me, I need to go get A's March work schedule.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Oh, and here's the picture that we chose for Photogenic::


I'm a Mom!..? said...

72 degrees today and expecting snow flurries on Tuesday - it's nuts!!


It's in the fifties today, but snow flurries and temp drops tonight. I want spring! I want spring! I am so sick of this. Love the pic by the way.