Sunday, February 24, 2008

Upcoming Easter Pageant

Princess is going to be in a Easter Pageant on March 15th. I went and bought her a dress at Dillard's on Friday night. I didn't get to try it on her at the store because LittleMan had to potty. So I got it home and tried it on her Saturday, just to find out that it was too small.


So, I went back to Dillard's today and picked out a new one, because they didn't have her size in the other. And this time I tried it on her before I paid.

She's gonna be sooooo cute!

Now I just have to get her outside and take some headshots for the Photogenic part of the pageant. We're gonna try that tomorrow. I'll add pictures, because I know I'm gonna need help deciding which to use. I'm wanting to get the pictures taken soon, because I have to turn it in by March 5th. I want plenty of time to decide!



Oh, it is a beautiful dress and I am sure she is adorable in it. Can't wait to see pictures.