Wednesday, January 30, 2008

King of Hearts

LittleMan came home yesterday with a permission slip to participate in the King/Queen of Hearts.
It is to raise money for the school. There will be one King and one Queen per grade level. All others who raise at least $25 will be the Prince/Princess of Hearts and gets a trophy.

One King per grade level, which means LittleMan has approximately a 1 in 130 chance of winning. You are to ask family & friends for donations. So ..... Basically whoever turns in the most money wins. They cannot do a bake sale anymore because of the Child Nutrition Act. So, of course, it's laid pretty much on the parents, at LittleMan's age.

Normally I wouldn't even think about it, but for some reason LittleMan is interested. He used the word, "Awesome!" [which he of course picked up from me =) ].

Keep your fingers crossed for him, He may be the next Kindergarten King of Hearts!



My fingers are crossed!!! and my toes! lol..hope he wins!