Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice Storm

St. Louis, among other places has been hit by a horrendous ice storm. The news has said that by the time the storms end, there will be over 4 million people out of power.
Normally, my hubby's crew would have already left out. Yesterday, they told them that this time, they weren't sending them out. Then around 7am this morning, hubby calls me and tells me to make sure all his clothes are washed and ready to go. They are talking about sending them after all.

This upsets me a little because he could possibly miss Christmas, if the damage is really bad. I mean, I love that he goes and helps people out when they are in need. And these peoples' needs are definately more important than Christmas presents, I know that. But he has never missed a Christmas and it just saddens me that he could. I would understand, of course!
I just hope that everyone up there where the storms hit are safe and healthy. And that they have the shelter they need until the storms are over and the power is back on! Please keep these families in your prayers!