Monday, December 10, 2007

Broke at Christmas

Well we did it. We broke ourselves. Okay, we're not completely broke, but we might as well be.
We got all the Christmas gifts taken care of. We're gonna be traveling quite a bit this month and feeding these horses with the drought has almost sent us under. {Drought= less hay= more $ spent on feed}
And I don't know about where you live, but here, Little Man's kindergarten is 3&5 dollaring me to death! Everytime I turn around they are going on a field trip, putting on a program, having a party, needing supplies, etc... it goes on and on!
Not to mention that Little Man's birthday is right after Christmas, January 2nd, so there goes more $$$
On the upside, one of my heart medicines, Coreg, finally came out with a generic, so I now get it at Walmart for $4.10 a month.
But with all the stress that goes along with Christmas, sometimes I just wish it was over already! I don't even get to enjoy it that much anyway. We put too much emphasis on gifts nowadays. I think this is gonna be the last year that we go so present crazy. Next year, the kids will get a couple gifts from Santa, and a few from us, and that's it!


Yankee Belle said...

Broke here too. Love the pig pic. Classic.

random_mommy said...

I so LOVE the piggy bank picture!! Too funny, and TOOOO accurate this time of year.