Sunday, December 16, 2007

Have you met my husband?

I'm not too happy with him today. Other than his "drunk issues" last night, when he KNEW we were gonna have family pictures taken, he has been totally unreasonable today.
I wanted to take the kids to see Santa because they still haven't visited him yet this year. He was all like, well I have this and this to do today, and so-in-so is suppose to be coming over to help me do this..... So he decides that it's early enough in the day to go ahead and go to the mall, so that we get back in time for him to get all his stuff done. Never did it cross my mind that Santa wouldn't be there until noon. So it was 11:15 and he wouldn't wait. On the way home, he stopped by Wally World {that's Walmart for you people without kids} By the time we left there [which is about 1/2 mile from the mall, btw] it was then 12:10. So I mentioned the time and asked if we could swing back by the mall.... Nope, time to go home, C. is probably there waiting on him already.... Did I not understand that when he tells someone that he's gonna do something, he sticks to it? I'm sitting here wondering, if he realizes that what is coming out of his mouth is the exact opposite of how he is treating his kids right now?!? We're less than a mile from Santa, but there's more important things to get to, even though that's what this entire trip to town was for...
And to top things off, at 1:45, C. still wasn't here and hubby still hasn't even left the house ! ! ! Anyone else out there thinking what I'm thinking?