Saturday, December 15, 2007

Friends & Pictures

Yesterday was spent with my S-M-I-L [that's step-mom-in-law] Christmas shopping for my 2 kiddos & my 3 nieces. We had tons of fun in the best stores, TJ Maxx & Ross. Then we ate lunch at a place I've never tried. We had the buffet at a Chinese place. Now, I've only had Chinese a few times, which is why my SMIL wanted me to try it. Well, it wasn't the worst food I've had, but I think it's safe to say that I won't be eating there again any time soon. [1 fact about me: I'm a super picky eater]
Today was good progress on my organization list. I went through & cleaned out Princess's closet, clothes & even pulled down clothes from the attic to organize them into all one size in each box. We have 3 nieces older than Princess, so we get the great hand-me-downs! [which I am ever so grateful for!!] So I organized what sizes I had into summer & winter boxes. That [and regular cleaning] took most of the day.
Tonight, we went out with my BF Girlfriend & her fiance. We ate at my fave Mexican restaurant. It was so Yummy! Good times, great friends! And the kids actually acted pretty well while we were there. Princess got all upset when she noticed the people way down at the bar were watching a rodeo, and our TV was showing basketball. To keep her from hollering, we had to get the television changed to rodeo. That's my little cowgirl =)
And we took some Christmas pictures today. They were suppose to be all 4 of us, but hubby had "issues" so our "family" picture only had me & the 2 rug rats in it.



The pictures are and your little ones are just beautiful...sorry hubby had issues...been there done that.
By the way, tried your peanut butter bars...they rocked!

Blue Momma said...

Again, you with the great pics! My son refused to pose, so we just get the occasional good one.

And don't hubbys always have issues?