Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Traditions: New and Old

We have a few traditions for Christmas. Some that we started when we got married, some started when we moved away from our hometown, some when we had kids.

My Dad, now deceased (R.I.P.) gave us our very first family Christmas ornament with the year 1999 on it. Since then, we have bought a new family ornament every year. When Little Man was born, we continued the tradition by buying an additional new ornament with his name on it. Same with Princess, but we just picked a girly one out for her, instead of getting one to engrave. Now that they are both older, they pick their own ornaments out every year.

We have family scattered all around different areas. So we have always tried to split time between everyone. Hubby has 2 sides of family with step-parents and all. And I have have my mother's side that we visit. And hubby has a brother in Louisiana, a sister in Florida, etc. One tradition that we have Always stuck to is, being home to sleep Christmas Eve and opening Santa's gifts Christmas morning at Our Own Home. This is a biggie for us. No matter how many plans and parties we make, we are always home for this special time.

A rather new tradition for us is, hubby sitting with the kids and reading them "The Night Before Christmas" before they head to bed. Also a new tradition starting this year, I will be reading them the Real Christmas Story to enforce the real Reason for the Season.

Usually hubby's brother, his wife & their 2 girls come up from LA for Christmas, which means they are never home for Christmas morning. This year, they decided to start being home like we always have. So that changes our Christmas a little. Also hubby's step-mom (who is a nurse) has to work on Christmas Day, so that changes some too. [We always go to her house for Christmas breakfast] So we are getting some new traditions this year. I will be making Christmas breakfast here at home and I plan on making Christmas lunch too.

We will be going to Louisiana on Dec. 28th to see our family there and exchange gifts. Not sure if this is gonna become a tradition yet or not.

Lots of old traditions holding strong and some new ones coming in this year!! What traditions are special to you and your family?