Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy Busy

We've been really busy for the past couple weeks.

We spent a week in my hometown visiting with Hubby's family, then my family.

We celebrated Independence Day, we attended my SIL B's baby shower, and the guys rode horses. Matter fact, I barely got any pictures of LittleMan because he was always off on a horse!

We brought my Mother home with us for a week.

My Granny will be arriving tomorrow to spend the night, then take my Mother back home with her.

Here's some pictures from the past couple weeks:

Princess playin

LittleMan on the slip slide

food from good ole' Piggly Wiggly

mud ridin'

eatin' watermelon

ready for the baby shower

mommy's little firecracker

Princess with Mommy at the baby shower

roastin' marshmallows

my cuties

Princess LOVES her new PINK Hannah Montana hair stick