Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Kitchen Fund

I've decided that if I'm ever going to get to remodel my nasty-yellow kitchen, I've got to make an effort to save the money to do so.

Here's my boundaries for funding my Kitchen Remodel

  • Any quarter that crosses my vision, in my house =) will go directly into the Kitchen Fund. I am doing only quarters because my time is money too. And quarters do not take long to roll and take to the bank. [I may eventually roll my dimes and nickles, but taking them to the Coin Star isn't worth the money after I drive down there...]
  • Any money I make from doing surveys (and other things) online
  • Unexpected Found Money, ex. found in old coat pocket, found on ground, etc.
  • Any Money Donated to us
  • Money I make off Yard Sales
  • Money I make off E-bay, if I ever start selling there
  • Money I make selling anywhere else, ex. Trader's Helper

I will not be using the difference that I save when I use coupons. It is a great idea, and I know a lot of people do it, my Granny has even said I should. But I usually save around $18-20 when I use coupons, and that money is better served going towards bills.

So far, I have saved $22. Not a lot, I know. But it will grow!