Thursday, June 12, 2008

House Remodeling Pictures (Always a Work in Progress)

House Remodeling Pictures (Always a Work in Progress)

I wish I would have went through the house taking pictures of it when we first bought it. But I didn't. I'll just have to use what I got!

We bought the house at the beginning of July 2004, we had a chimney fire at the end of January 2005. We have been through many stages of remodeling. Little bits here and there.

Back Yard Before:

Back Yard During:

A little later:

Back Yard Finished:

Living Room December 2004

After the fire

Living Room Now:

Outside after fire

Working on the Outside

New Roof going up


What it is now

after the roof, we put up new siding/shutters and central air/heat (which it didn't have)

Princess's Bedroom

Baby After:

Big Girl After:

LittleMan's Room


Before (I hate the Wallpaper Yuck!):
Overlook my dirty dishes =)

So far, the only work we've done in the kitchen is putting in a whole new ceiling and molding & putting in new linoleum (which Hubby & his cousin miscut when putting it in, so it looks screwed too). We also put in all new appliances when we bought the house. (stove, fridge, dishwasher) We are no where near being finished with the Kitchen. With it being the most money to remodel, it's been on the backburner....

...MoRe To CoMe...