Sunday, June 8, 2008

All Stars

I have never been so infuriated before.

LittleMan didn't make the All Star team.

Which would be fine, if they could honestly tell me that he wasn't good enough. That all the others that made the team were better players and more ready to be on the All Star team.

Four boys from our team made All Stars and one made alternate.

2 of the boys were the coach's twins. Enough said there.

One boy never pays any attention to the game. He never knows where to throw the ball when he catches it.

The other boy deserved it. It was LittleMan's friend that got to play first base for the last few games. The boy that after the coach moved his son off of first base and let this boy play .... they actually started getting the crowds cheerin' and were winning ballgames.

The alternate? Is a boy, who may have a cannon for an arm, but cannot aim it And will fight any one of his teammates for the ball, LittleMan included. Even though his job is to get the ball to the pitcher, he fights the pitcher for the ball. ????

So, our coach obviously was more worried with his boys making the All Star team than he was to actually pull for a great player, LittleMan.

LittleMan was so crushed. He spent the night telling me & Daddy that it was his fault. It was his fault because he didn't win more ballgames. Because this other boy hits the ball over his head and he can't catch it. That he's not good enough.

As I proceed to tell him, that NO it's not his fault, his coach is an asshole.

Okay, I didn't tell him that. But I told him that he was better than his coach and all his coach wanted was for his boys to be on the All Stars.

To top things off??

We waited down at the field for the ceremony for over an hour. It started late. When we left, we had been there close to 2 hours. All for them to announce the All Stars, break my son's heart, and he didn't even get a certificate ????????

Last year, they all got certificates for participation.

I feel like we just lost a popularity contest. Because this definitely wasn't based on Skill, Talent or anything other than popular vote.

Let's see the total shall we? The coach's twin boys made the team, all the other 3 boys that made it, or alternate, all their fathers were base coaches, ran the score sheets, or something like that.


You tell me?

Would you believe in a player enough to put him in the Pitcher position if you thought he wasn't good enough?

How about the fact that the coach sees how one of his own sons is and even said that he wished that he could hold him back and make him play another year of T-Ball before moving up to Baseball like they all will next year, but yet, he still makes the All Star team and LittleMan doesn't?

It just doesn't make sense to me.


Vicki said...

I hear ya screaming! Slugger practiced 3 days from 1pm - 3pm then worked out for 2 hours last week and one who hasnt played all year came back to the team and got to play both games friday night, while slugger sat in the dugout. I was so pissed, Yes the boy needs to be playing sports instead of what hes been doing, but that wasnt right. Slugger decided not to go to the next game.