Friday, May 16, 2008

Thrift Store Finds ~ 5/16/08

Being that today is the 10 year Anniversary of Hubby and I being together, and he decided to spend the day riding horses with his buddies ... I decided to go to the Thrift Store, that I LOVE and haven't been to in months.

I got some great deals today! I find that it's hard to find good clothes for little boys around the size of LittleMan, because they wear them out. So all LittleMan got, clothes-wise, was a Timberland jacket. But I got Princess a lot of clothes. She is in a size 2T right now. I got her one skirt that was a 18m {she is tiny waisted}, and I got her some 3Ts, 4Ts, 5Ts, and some 6/6x. {I like to go ahead if the price is right}.

Look at all I got for UNDER $50!

For LittleMan

18m skirt





For LittleMan
For Princess
and For Princess