Monday, February 11, 2008



Turned in the $$ for King of Hearts this morning.
Keep your fingers crossed for him.
Although, I did most of the work!
We will find out tomorrow night at 6pm who won.
Either way, we're not running next year.
He's getting a hair cut tonight.
So he doesn't have the shaggies in his pictures.

He is doing so amazing at his reading.
He needs help with the big words, and the blends
[sp- fr- wh- you get the picture]
But he is so SMART!!!
I'm so proud =)



Bought Princess a new Royal potty this weekend.
{The one that plays music when shes does her thang}
She is sooooooooooo NOT interested.
Still doing the do in her pants.

And I realized she has a pet peeve, so to say....
her toes
let me elaborate

Whenever she gets up in the morning,
or when we get home from somewhere,
she immediately takes her socks off.
No matter how cold it is, [they are]

NOTHING I have done has kept her from doing it.

Then last night, as I was getting her bath ready...
she wouldn't let me take her shirt off
or her hair down

she got all the sock fuss out of between her toes.

Who knew my baby girl would have a toe fetish?


So, Valentine's Day is this week.
Anyone have any special plans.
Cause I know I don't.
Why can't he be more romantic like
when we were dating?


Baby Boy has been pretty fussy today.
Don't know what his problem is.
I think it's cuz his mama changed his formula ..
Stressful day.


DIXIECHICK said... plans for Valentines..we may go out to eat, but as a family...hubby is working all weekend too..yuck!

david mcmahon said...

Hope your day is better - and that Junior's toes are good!!