Friday, January 11, 2008

A little Update

I thought I'd update everyone. Since my last blog, I started babysitting (app. 3 days a week) my cousin's 2 month old baby "Baby Boy" I watched him M, T & W. No time to blog those days, cuz he isn't picked up until 6pm.

Wednesday afternoon, Little Man comes home from school with a tummy ache. I go through his backpack like usual, and find a note from his teacher. 4 children checked out today with .... the stomach virus. Of course Little Man, not wanting to be left out (lol), came down with it about an hour later. I felt so bad for him! Poor little guy was so sick! So I didn't sleep hardly at all Wednesday night, rushing to his side everytime he got sick. So, he was out of school yesterday. And he still wasn't eating as of last night, so I made the decision to keep him out today too.

Well.... he is better today. {Thank God of course!} But doesn't understand why I won't let him outside to ride his bike, or go horse riding with his Daddy. He actually told me that he was mad at me because I wouldn't let him do anything. =( Ah, the joys of Motherhood.

Tonight my MIL will be coming with her bunch to stay for the weekend. So blogging will be out of the question until at least Sunday evening, if then. But I will get to go to the Thrift store. We always go when she visits. I LOVE me some thift store shopping! Yep that's right!

Plus my MIL seems to LOVE to clean {lol} [or at least it seems that way] so I don't have to clean up after everyone by myself. That's a big Plus +++++

So not much else to blog about, except I found boxes full of horse magazines from the 80's in my attic [from previous owner] which I plan to sell on ebay, if I ever get my courage up to do so. I'm so afraid that I'm gonna get screwed some how. Lose money or come in contact with some weird/stalker person. Keep your fingers crossed for me, k?

Little Man's 6th birthday was on the 2nd and I'm thinking about giving him a small party on the 19th. Some of the family has already given him money, but I think he deserves a party this year. Since his birthday is so close to Christmas, we didn't give him a party last year. But I feel like he shouldn't miss out just because his birthday falls on the day it does...

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


The Mama Hood said...

Love yer blog! Thanks for checking mine out too! Aloha!

Yankee Belle said...

Ebay is awesome so long as you sell something people want to buy. Have a great weekend!


Glad to know that I am not the only one that is so little man is feeling 100% now....hope the rest of you stay well!
Glad you are back!


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