Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen of My Favorites

1. Favorite food: Chicken & dumplins; although I occassionally make it without the chicken part [when hubby's not home]

2. Favorite animal: Cats! I'm just sure I'm gonna be the old cat lady one day!

3. Favorite Author: John Grisham, I could read him for hours upon hours, if I didn't have all that pesky housework to attend to!

4. All time Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing. My mom said I wore that VHS completely out and still watched it!

5. Favorite television show: ER, I have 2 words for ya: Noah Wyle

6. Favorite snack food: Pizzaria Combos!, pizza flavor on pretzel ... nothing better!

7. Favorite cartoon as a kid: Smurfs! Who doesn't love those little blue creatures?

8. Favorite subject from school: Math, it was my thang!

9. Favorite Pizza: Meat Lovers minus the ham ... yeah I know I'm weird.

10. Favorite sport to watch: Football, unless Little Man is playing, then it's baseball

11. Favorite spot to play: Basketball, street style, lol

12. Favorite Musical Group: Rascall Flatts

And last but not least,
13. Favorite thing about summer: Swimming!