Thursday, December 13, 2007

Need help with Christmas present ideas?

Here's ya some links!

Simply Thrifty has a list of 50 Holiday things you can make yourself!

Budget101 has some cute gift in a jar ideas!

FamilyFun has some great Homemade Christmas gift ideas!

Thrifty Fun has their list of Christmas gifts ideas you can make. has some Creative inexpensive gift ideas!

Now for some fun! I found this website with some of the stupidest stuff I've ever seen! And the website is .... you guessed it,
Here's some of the stupidest of the stupidest: [I will not name the items, to add to the fun, check the links out to find out!]

Stupid Thing 1

Stupid Thing 2

Stupid Thing 3



Funny...loved the egg calender..little

Blue Momma said...

When I was still working we (at work) ordered a bunch of stupid stuff from They really live up to their name!