Monday, December 17, 2007

100 Things (Part 1)

100 Things about me:
I am doing this in 4 parts. It's not cheating, it's improvising!
When I get all 4 finished I will combine them for a special 100 things post!

1. My birthday is October 24
2. I got married at 18 years old
3. I was a cheerleader
4. I almost died in 2005 from congestive heart failure
5. My dad died 4 days before I gave birth to my daughter.
6. Even though we have 3 horses AND both my kids ride, I am so afraid of them!
7. I love shopping!
8. I'm allergic to mayonnaise unless it's cooked in.
9. My hair is naturally curly.
10. I hate talking on the phone, now have you EVER heard a girl say that?!?
11. I love reality shows
12. I used to do gymnastics
13. I am soooo anti-Britney
14. I have a half sister, 2 step-sisters & 1 step-brother
15. On the in law side: I have 6 sisters & 3 brothers
16. I never went to college and I regret it
17. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
18. I really dislike Tom Cruise & Rosie O'Donnell
19. I Love to read!
20. I wear a size 7 shoe (or 6 from the children's department)
21. I'm suppose to be on a low-sodium diet, but I don't do it
22. Valentine's Day is usually such a disappointment for me =(
23. My favorite actor/actress: Robin Williams/Jennifer Aniston
24. I went to a really small school, there were only 19 in my graduating class
25. I love Margaritas on the rocks!