Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas Frenzy

We decided to only buy for the kids in our family this year, since we have such a large family. So shopping was a lot quicker and easier. It also made it more fun to buy for our kids, since we had more to spend on them.

It's really hard to go cheap on Christmas present nowadays. Nothing really good is under $20 a piece anymore. Which is why I do still have to buy the stuff for our stockings. But with the extra $ to spend on Little Man & Princess, we were able to buy more than 1-2 big things and a bunch of smaller things.

Little Man is getting a new bike that looks like a motorcycle, a reading & writing LeapPad with 3 extra games, a Batman ColorWonder kit, a book & drawing pad teaching him to draw "Cars" characters, a cowboy hat, a cowboy belt with a bull buckle, and "Shrek 3".

Princess is getting a Disney Princess bike, My First LeapPad with 3 extra games, Dora ColorWonder Kit, a talking Dora book, set of 6 books about Disney Princesses, a cowgirl belt with a horse buckle, and a Disney Princess Playhut tent.

For those hard-to-figure out stocking stuffers so far, Little Man has some cards games & Princess has some big girl Disney Princess panties {we plan to start potty training after the holidays}. Hopefully I will come up with more ideas soon!

I know that this year is gonna be the funnest Christmas so far. Princess is finally old enough to enjoy it. Last year was pretty good, but at a year old, I'm not sure she got the idea. So this year is gonna rock!


Rachel said...

I remember our princess' first "recognizable" Christmas! Have an amazing time! Those gifts all sound wonderful!
Thank you so much for stopping in and your sweet words!

Awesome Mom said...

I am pretty excited about Christmas too. Evan is getting into the holidays now, He is still asking about Halloween, so I am sure Christmas will blow his mind. We have already bought the kids a few simple things. I like to do my shopping way ahead of time.